Joged princess!!!!

Joged is a style of dance from the Island of Bali as well as common for dance in Indonesia. The dance is typically accompanied by a gamelan ensemble of bamboo instruments called a gamelan joged bumbung. Balinese Joged dance is not a religious or ritual one, it is social dance for entertainment purposes only. During a Joged performance, a single or several female dancers will perform and invited male audience to dance with them. The dance often involving erotic movements and teasing, ranged from humorous to seducement interactions between the dancers with their male counterpart. If You wanna make a photo with a Joged silouette, there is one waiting for You at the Bali museum in Denpasar.

There are so many other things and attractions to see and visit so the museum Collections are:

Three building area (Buleleng building, Karangasem building and Tabanan House).
Balinese art goods.
Stone coffin
The ancient manuscripts (inscriptions), which concern the temple in Bali.
Wayang Kulit painting (shadow puppet painting).
Agricultural equipment, weapons and ritual equipment and much more you can see other prehistoric objects.

In order to visit Bali museum, please follow the schedule of a visit and opening hours below:

Sunday – Thursday open from 08:00 to 15:00.
Friday open from 08.00 -12.30.
On Saturday, Sunday and Indonesian national holiday, the Bali Museum will be closed.

In case You need any more info about Bali museum please visit:


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