Weekend journey to Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish province of Catalonia. A city that is known all over the world for its beauty, architecture, history and of course the football club Barcelona.

Maritime, industry, football, tourism

Today, the city is one of the centers of Spanish industry, one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and a world-famous tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors each year.

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Before departure, in addition to booking accommodation, it is advisable to arrange transportation, as taxi fares can be more expensive than a plane ticket. Many hotels have their own shuttle that arrives at the airport and transports guests free of charge, and there are also lines T1 and T2 which for only a few euros offer transportation to all major locations in the city. If you don’t have too much luggage this is a great option.

Where and how to book accommodation? There are plenty of choices in this city, hostels, Airbnb, hotels rooms etc.

Architecture is one of the reason for the Barcelona fame and glory. Houses, buildings, blocks, flat and curved, gray and colorful, concrete and glass. In addition to architecture and buildings, there are also squares and parks (the parks themselves make up a fifth of this metropolis).

  • zgrada, arboretum

Siesta je zakon

Uz arhitekturu, parkove i povijest u Barceloni se također može uživati i u jelu i piću mediteranskim i inim delicijama. Iako, u gradu ove veličine je moguće uživati i u okusima sa raznih strana svijeta, afričke, turske, kineske i još mnogih drugih. Ipak trebate znati da u Barceloni kao i mnogim drugim mjestima na jugu Španjolske siesta je zakon. I to vrijedi za sve tako da se nemojte iznenaditi da su restorani, gostione i kafići u pravilu zatvoreni od 16 – 19 ponekad i sat vremena više.

To have fun is so easy and natural, clubs, events, theaters and any other kind of fun that You can imagine is at your glance.

Metro Barcelona

In Barcelona, you can use a skateboard, bicycle, taxi bus line or metro as a type of transport, which is a fast, accurate and, above all, convenient form of transport. At the time of our visit, Uber was not available, Cabify operates in the city instead, but the regular taxi service also has very reasonable prices.

Las Ramblas is a picturesque street and promenade in central Barcelona. It connects Catalonia Square and the Christopher Columbus Monument in the Old Port, representing the border between the Gothic Quarter in the east and El Raval in the west of the city.

The Gothic Quarter is definitely a part of the city not to be missed. In addition to the old cathedral, there are a number of shops, cafes and other small crafts. Craft production of perfumes, clothes, shoes, jewelry, souvenirs and everything you can imagine. If you are not tired of exploring and shopping for nightlife in this city there is no worry. Every day of the week is a good day to have fun and go out.

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